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Mineral Sector

The Mineral Sector Overview
Cameroon is endowed with mineral deposits of high economic potential (see Cameroon Geological Map). The minerals found in Cameroon include metallic minerals such as gold, iron, silver, copper, platinum, nickel and tin; gemstones such as diamonds, tanzanite, ruby, garnet, emerald, alexandrite and sapphire; industrial minerals such as kaolin, phosphate, lime, gypsum, diatomite, bentonite, vermiculite, salt and beach sand; building materials such as stone aggregates and sand; and energy minerals such as coal and uranium.

Economic Reforms

Since 1980s, Cameroon has undertaken structural economic reforms aimed at promoting socio-economic development. Consistent with the reforms, the role of the Government has shifted from sole owner and operator of mines to remain the regulator, formulator of policy, guidelines and regulations; promoter and facilitator of private investments in the mineral sector. These reforms brought about changes in the mineral sector, which included formulation of the Mineral Policy of 1997, enactment of the Mining Act of 1998 and amendment of financial laws which created conducive environment for private investment.

The Mineral Policy of 2009

The Mineral Policy of 2009 was formulated as a result of an evaluation conducted during the ten years of implementation of the Mineral Policy of 1997. The Mineral Policy of 2009 aims at strengthening integration of the mineral sector with other sectors of the economy; improving economic environment for investment; maximizing benefits from mining; improving the legal environment; strengthening capacity for administration of the mineral sector; developing small scale miners; promoting and facilitating value addition to minerals; and strengthening environmental management. Moreover, the Government remains as the regulator and facilitator of the mineral sector; promoter of private sector investment in the mineral sector; and will participate strategically in mining projects.

In the implementation of the above objectives, the Government will continue to give priority to the mineral sector in the National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (NSGRP) and contribute to the achievement of the National Development Vision 2025.

Mission & Vision

The Mineral Sector Policy of the United Republic of Cameroon provides a written declaration of the framework of policy objectives and statements that will guide the Government and stakeholders in the management of the mineral sector on a sustainable basis. Accordingly, the policy is based on the following Vision and Mission:

Vision: Effective mineral sector, contributing significantly to the acceleration of socio- economic development through sustainable development and utilisation of mineral resources in Cameroon by 2025.

Mission: To set policies, strategies and laws; regulate mineral exploration, production, trading, value addition and mineral actors for sustainable development of mineral resources; and integrate with other sectors of the economy.
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